Brand Story
Ocean Lover

It all starts with a feeling of freedom and confidence. With each new wave you merge with it more and more, you begin to live its rhythm, to feel its pulse.

Surfing becomes a part of you. An important part that makes every day of your life brighter and richer. Staying one-on-one with the element of water, nothing should distract you from the pleasure of catching the best wave today.

The Ocean Lover Surf Ponchos are designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible every time you step out of the water. Due to the special composition of the fabric, they instantly absorb water and warm well even in cold inclement weather. Each Ocean Lover surf poncho undergoes a special boiling stone technology.

This makes the fabric as soft and pleasant to the touch as possible, and also gives the surf poncho an unusual and unique color. Wear it wherever you want - by the ocean or river, outdoors or outdoors. Every time you put on the Ocean Lover surf poncho, you will remember your perfect wave and think about the next.