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We start our work

Six months of development, constant improvements and changes, heated debates, hundreds of cups of coffee - and today we can officially introduce you to the release of our Ocean Lover surf poncho line.

Having conceived to make the most stylish, practical and comfortable surf poncho, we did not yet know how many nuances and details we would have to take into account in order to end up with what we ourselves would like to wear after the next surf. We wanted the Ocean Lover surf poncho to be worn not only on the spot, but also on city streets. That's why its design was so important to us. We have used fabrics and technologies not previously used in the production of surf ponchos. As a result, we made a surf poncho that has a unique design and at the same time absorbs water as quickly as possible, keeping you warm when needed.

We do not plan to stand still. To stay the best, we will be continually improving our surf ponchos. That is why every feedback you leave on our Instagram and Facebook page is super important to us.

See you at the spot!

Ocean Lover Team